Tonik Energy

Tonik Energy is a renewable energy supply business based in Birmingham with a bold mission to halve their customers’ energy bills by 2022. By giving their customers access to innovative technologies such as solar panels, in-home battery storage and electric vehicle charging, they want to put them in control of how they generate, store and ultimately use renewable energy, for a cheaper and greener future.

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terry burrows
Surface Generation

Established in 2002, Surface Generation enables manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics sectors to optimise their use of advanced composite and polymer materials through its patented Production to Functional Specification (PtFS) technology. PtFS allows users to manufacture a huge range of products including aircraft wings, consumer devices and automotive components much more efficiently than is possible using traditional processes by adapting heating and cooling levels in real time to meet the exact requirements of each part. By adopting PtFS, Surface Generation’s clients save costs, energy and produce significantly lighter weight products.

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Phil Sanger