Why work with Vault IP?

We are always open to new business relationships. Whether you are an overseas attorney, European attorney or even a UK attorney with a conflict issue, we want to hear from you.

Who should work with Vault IP?

Overseas (non-UK / European) Attorneys

If you are looking for a UK or European attorney firm to handle your client’s cases, then look no further. Knowing who to trust with your client’s cases is not easy. You want a safe pair of hands that won’t cost the earth. At Vault IP, we think we fit the bill perfectly.

These are some of the reasons why we consider ourselves to be a great choice for you and your client:

  • Flexibility. We aren’t prescriptive about the way we work. We can agree a working pattern and fee schedule to suit you and your clients.

  • Responsiveness. You need to know we’ve got your back - and we’ll make sure you do.

  • Value. We have a great balance between a wealth of experience and offer value for money. We want to take some of the pain out of seeking protection in the UK and Europe.

  • Knowledge. We have worked with overseas attorneys for years. We do our best to understand the differences between your law and ours, and this helps us make sure your clients get the best possible protection.

  • Individual service. We want to get to know you. Business is all about relationships, and the better we understand each other the more we can help each other prosper. Our aim is to establish long-term, reciprocal relationships the world over.

European (non-UK) attorneys

As well as being European attorneys, we are experts in UK IP law. There are many reasons to consider UK national protection for your client’s IP, not least with the UK’s impending departure from the EU which will make it essential to consider UK national protection for Trade Marks and Designs alongside EU rights.

In addition to support around Brexit IP, we can advise on the intricacies of UK IP law, including:

  • UK National Patents offer a faster and less expensive route to UK protection compared to the EPO. Accelerated UK Patents can be granted in less than 12 months at a fraction of the cost of European Patents.

  • UK Trade Mark oppositions can provide an efficient and cost-effecivie way of removing unwanted marks from the register.

  • UK Unregistered Design Rights provide a different kind of protection to the EU equivalent- not least because its term of protection is significantly longer (at least 10 years).

  • UK litigation. The UK IP courts are amongst the highest-regarded in the world. The hugely successful Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) offers a streamlined, efficient way to decide IP disputes. We have the knowledge and contacts to help your clients enforce their IP in the UK in the most cost effective way.

UK Solicitors

We undertand that you want to refer your clients to an IP attorney you trust. We also have a need to refer our clients to high calibre, but cost effective and pragmatic lawyers. We have great relationships with a number of solicitors in the UK, but there is always scope for growing that network. Our aim is to provide clients with a seamless, combined approach that allows clients to identify, register and maximise commercial value for their IP.

UK attorneys

We understand that conflicts can arise in our line of work. Although there are few things more frustrating than having to turn a potential client down, you want to pass them onto a safe pair of hands. We can help. We’re always happy to consider conflict referrals, and to explore how we can return the favour.

We are also happy to get involved with discrete work packages and “carve out” the conflicted issue. For example, if when undertaking an FTO search for a client a potentially problematic Patent crops up, we can prepare an opinion on that Patent alone to sit alongisde your work product. This preserves your relationship with the client and most importantly gets them the answer their business needs.