If you have designed a new product or process to solve a technical problem, you have probably invented something. Inventions are business assets and so should be protected. In all likelihood you have invested time and money in developing new products or processes, and protecting that investment is key. You can protect your inventions (whether products, processes, materials or utilising software) with patents, ensuring your competitors don’t profit from your hard work.

Here at Vault IP we specialise in securing protection for your inventions. We can help you to identify inventions in your new products, undertake prior art and ‘freedom to operate’ searches, draft and file patent applications and manage them through to grant in the UK, Europe and overseas.

The patent process can seem a little opaque to the uninitiated, so we’re prepared some infographics to help understand how patent applications progress to grant.

infographic design ideas copy-01.jpg
infographic design ideas copy-02.jpg
infographic design ideas copy-03.jpg

We’re here to support your business and, as qualified UK and European Patent Attorneys, we have got the experience and expertise to do so. 


For larger portfolios we offer full management support. The support we offer includes regular reviews and detailed cost projections to help you manage the cost of protecting your inventions. Your portfolio is accessible online 24/7 for you to review, and export for your internal and external reports.

We’re here to help, so either give us a call on +44 (0) 121 296 9164 or contact us via our web form.