Trade Marks: “What’s in a name?”

You may feel that what you call your business or product is not overly important, but it should be borne in mind that a trade mark (or brand) is a valuable asset.  It can create an impression or convey a certain message about a company or product. As such, consideration as to what something means in English and other languages, is highly important when adopting a new trade mark.  Below are some reasons as to why it is crucial to select a mark which is fitting of your business:

So long and thanks for all the IP

Being an IP attorney is inherently a "European" business. I am a UK and European patent and design attorney. My business partner, Michelle, is a Registered UK and European trade mark attorney. We (mostly) deal with European law. We obtain pan-EU design and trade mark rights for our clients. I took bi-lingual European Patent exams in English and German. The list goes on.

As such, a UK exit from the EU is going to shake things up for us- and for our clients. I wouldn't want to try and sway anyone reading this either way, so our intention is to simply explain what we think would happen to UK companies' IP rights should we decide to go it alone. 

Subsidised IP Audits- what are they and how do you get them?

The UK government offers heavily subsidised IP audits for qualifying companies. You basically pay £400 for a highly detailed £3000 audit (the Intellectual Property Office - or IPO - picks up the rest of the bill) which will enable your business to put together an IP strategy.